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    ​​MasterRoc SLF 419 -
    New Foaming Agent for Difficult Heterogeneous Grounds with Varying Permeability​​ at Low Temperatures

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​How does MasterRoc SLF 419 work?

    MasterRoc SLF 419 is a new highly biodegradable, high-performance foaming agent, specifically designed for silty to sandy soils in environments at low temperatures, given its ability to also ensure chemical homogeneity and stability in frozen soils. It creates a highly stable foam to hold the face pressure and maintain the rheology of the excavated ground longer than conventional foaming agents.​

    What are unique features of MasterRoc SLF 419?

    MasterRoc SLF 419 guarantees a new improved foam that ensures proper earth pressure balance (EPB) counter pressure. Its improved foam properties will ensure better control of the ground pressure, reducing the risk of additional ground settlement at the surface and over excavation. Given its ability to remain stable at low temperatures, MasterRoc 419 will greatly help the tunnel boring machine (TBM) operator to control the rheology of the soil without altering the construction performance in such environments. 

    What are the be
    nefits of MasterRoc SLF 419?

    ​MasterRoc SLF 419 can be used with the standard foam generators installed on earth pressure balance (EPB) machines. It can be injected at the cutterhead, into the working chamber and in the screw conveyor and improves contractor’s tunnelling performance in environments at low temperatures.​

    Operational Benefits:
    • Improved TBM excavation cycle’s time, quality, and cost
    • Improved face excavation support and pressure control
    • Improved overall tunnel performance
    • Due to the high foaming capacity, it will be possible to work with high FER values avoiding the collapse of the foam
    • MasterRoc SLF 419 allows to work with lower FIR values to obtain the desired soil rheologym compared to standard foaming agents
    • Facilitated muck extraction from tunnel and from the muck pit area
    • Minimized over excavation and contractual disputes
    • Reduced tunnel excavation time and TBM maintenance costs


    Technical Benefits:
    • Higher foam stability and no separation at low temperatures
    • Improved soil behavior and reduced soil permeability
    • Lower inner friction and lower abrasiveness of the soil at the cutterhead and shield
    • Creation of plastic deformation properties in the soil, which increases face stability
    • Great performance also at higher temperatures

    If ​you have further​​​​ questions, feel free to contact us:​

    Daniel Montalban

    Global Head Technical Management Underground Construction

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