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    MasterRoc MSL 345


    Nowadays, spray-applied double-bonded waterproofing membranes are used in several projects around the world and are contributing to durability and serviceability, as well as increasing the sustainability of tunnel linings. MasterRoc MSL 345, as a double-bonded membrane, allows composite action between the concrete and the membrane that can lead to a potential reduction of the structural lining thickness. ​



    New Handbook on Composite Shell Lining with MasterRoc MSL 345 for designers

    The Handbook aims to provide a set of information that enables analyses and design of watertight underground structures, consisting of a fully bonded waterproofing membrane sandwiched in a composite concrete structure (CSL), and calculation of related thickness reduction compared to a traditional tunnel lining

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    Diletta Traldi

    Design Manager Underground Construction Europe, Middle East and Africa